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  • The Plant Studio provides in-home plant installations.

    1 hr

    Starting at $45
  • We offer potting services, starting at $5!

    15 min

    Starting at $5
  • We offer drilling drainage holes into pots.

    15 min

    Starting at $5
  • We can help you find the best plant for your lifestyle.

    1 hr

    Starting at $25/hour
  • We will transport your plant safely to you.

    30 min

    Starting at $15
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Aloe Vera Plant


Answers to your frequently asked questions

Why is there a dinosaur on your sign?

When I was starting the Plant Studio, I was looking at other plant shop logos and they all were monstera leaves. I wanted to do something different and I really like dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat leaves, so I figured, why not? That’s also why every purchase comes with a dinosaur! 

What did you do before the Plant Studio? 

I attended UAS and got a B.S. degree in Environmental Science. I was interning with the City in the GIS department when COVID hit and my position ended. Honestly, I prefer spending all day with my hands in dirt than my hands on a keyboard. 

I have pets at home - are there any plants I can get that won’t hurt them?

Yes! Believe it or not, most plants are actually OK to be around pets. As with most things, moderation is key. I don’t carry any plants that are truly lethal pets because I don’t want them in circulation. As long as your pet doesn’t consume an entire plant, they will be just fine. Even poinsettias are okay around pets! While they are mildly toxic, a few nibbles won’t do any harm. My shop cat, Edgar, eats a few bits here and there, and he’s fine! 

My house doesn’t get much sunlight…can I have plants?

Absolutely! The Plant Studio carries a wide variety of plants that can tolerate even Juneau's low light.

I always forget to water my plants…are there any that can survive being neglected?

Definitely! There are a number of plant species at The Plant Studio that can tolerate dry soil. I can also provide tips for knowing when to water. 

I feel like I overwater my plants, what should I do?

I like to tell people “water doesn’t equal love”. Most plants can go for a few days without watering, but overwatering has to do with the frequency of watering, not the amount. Different plants can tolerate different frequency of waterings - come into The Plant Studio and I can show you how to check for soil moisture! 

I bought a plant from you and it’s not doing well, can I return it?

I want every plant to thrive in it’s new home! If you feel like your plant is struggling, send me photos and I’m happy to offer solutions.

I have a pot that I LOVE but it doesn’t have drainage holes…will it be okay?

Pots NEED drainage holes. Without them, your plant will get root rot and die. Bring your pot in and I’m happy to drill holes for you! 

How often do you receive new plants?

The Plant Studio receives new inventory frequently, generally every couple weeks or so. Follow our instagram for updates! 

Do you carry seasonal plants?

I do! I carry poinsettias in a variety of sizes and colors. I also have Christmas cactus, Amaryllis, and paper Whites! 

Do you have gift cards?

Yep! The Plant Studio offers gift certificates so you can give the perfect gift! 

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